There is so much good music coming out of Norway right now which I have been super excited about, with Dagny, Sigrid and Astrid S being at the top of the leaderboard as far I’m concerned. Even so, I’m prepared to allow another Norwegian songstress seek my pop affection and newcomer ARY‘s, (real name Ariadne Loinsworth) rather lovely single “Already There“, sweetly soars with plenty of sparkling pop appeal.

ARY has been releasing tracks over the past year or so, but I haven’t been ready to post about her until prompted into action by the gorgeous melody and harmonies of “Already There“, and ARY’s pleasantly soothing vocals which helped to change my mind. The more and more I listen to “Already There“, the more I fall in deep pop love with it. The song is not at all innovative, but it’s dreamy, very synthy and has a lovely feel of mystic about it.

ARY’s voice is beautiful and has a purity which matches her wholesome look. I’m willing to invest some hope in ARY because the potential in this cracking track is hard not to see. I think “Already There” is at the tip of a glistening iceberg of encouraging possibilities.

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Twitter: @aryaryapache