We had the opportunity to sit down with the talented DJ and music Producer, Hotboxx. Having recently released ‘Disco Daniel,’ a dynamic Tech House track in collaboration with Unkwnet, we were joined by Hotboxx, who takes us behind the scenes of the track’s creation, sharing insights into his creative process and the unique elements that make ‘Disco Daniel’ an exciting addition to his discography.

Hello Hotboxx, how are you doing today?

I am doing well thank you for asking and thanks for having me on.

Congrats on the release of “Disco Daniel”! Can you walk us through the inspiration behind the creation of this track? What sparked the idea for this energetic production?

It was a night where things where just flowing, I had already made a track on my own that I’ll be releasing soon and then Edwin (Unkwnet) got to the studio with me and we took off quickly with this one, was already on a high energy vibe, so nothing in particular sparked the idea it was just something that I was already on that vibe and he came in and kept feeding off that energy.

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You’re collaborating with Unkwnet on “Disco Daniel,” how did the partnership come about? Did your collaborative dynamic influence the overall direction of the track?

Unkwnet and I have a lot of tracks together, this was just the first one to release but there are many others on the way, he’s been a good friend of mine for a while now, we grew up in the same area and have a lot of the same influences, so the partnership seemed like an easy one to say yes to.

Could you shed some light on the production techniques you used to achieve the intricate and detailed soundscape present in “Disco Daniel”?

We tried to really get creative with some of the drum fills and what not, to keep the track interesting throughout and create good energy and build ups and drops, also with almost all my tracks, I try and add background noise, something very quiet, but just add atmosphere and in this track, we definitely did that as well.

The track features a bright guitar loop that adds a unique flavor to the mix, how did you integrate this element into the production, and what effect did you hope it would have on the overall vibe?

The guitar fit well, so it didn’t really take much to integrate the element into the track, but we definitely wanted it in the track to give a melodic funky element, and to really give it that Disco type of vibe that we were going for with this production.


“Disco Daniel” is a vibrant and hypnotic listening experience. How did you approach creating a sense of flow and progression throughout the track?

Thank you! I appreciate that feedback and really it flowed quickly, we made the whole track in probably about 3 hours. It really just flowed quickly and easily, and thankfully we didn’t have to put much though, into the flow and progression, it just kind of fell into place the way we wanted right off.

With a thumping bassline and pumping beats, the track creates a powerful dancefloor atmosphere. What strategies did you employ to ensure the track’s energy translated well in different settings?

I really just try and always have one main thing in mind when I am creating a track and that is will it get people dancing.  I don’t really focus on what would be the best venue or setting for the track to be played, but rather is it a track that can be played in most any venue and will it get people dancing. Those are the main strategies I use to make sure a track’s energy translates well to almost any setting, and accomplishes its main goal of making people dance because it is Dance music.

Were there any specific challenges you faced during the production process of “Disco Daniel”? How did you overcome them to achieve the final result?

As I mentioned, this track came together very quickly and flowed very easily for us, the energy was flowing well that night, so we didn’t encounter any challenges, thankfully the final result came together quickly and efficiently and didn’t require tons of obstacles or challenges to achieve.

As a DJ and Producer, how do you strike a balance between showcasing your signature style and experimenting with new sounds, like you did in this release?

I think it’s more about having a specific sound, as far as the finished product goes. I think experimenting with new sounds and making each song unique with new sounds is crucial, but I also think things need to stick to certain similar characteristics, whether it be sound or structure, so when people hear it they know it’s one of my tracks because it’s a sound or structure that’s unique to me, that’s basically my goal with any track I make.

What message or feeling do you hope listeners take away from “Disco Daniel”? How does this track fit into your overall artistic vision and future endeavors?

A Tech House meets Disco type track that can be played in almost any venue and will get people dancing and grooving. I think this track is really a combination of the two sounds I am looking to invoke with any of my new releases which is funky/groovy meets bass driven Tech vibes.

As Hotboxx continues to evolve and experiment with his sound, ‘Disco Daniel’ surely showcases his ability to craft energetic and vibrant tracks that resonate with listeners on the dancefloor. We look forward to hearing more from this talented artist as he explores new musical horizons and shares his future projects with his listeners, make sure to follow him across social media to remain updated on his latest projects and releases.

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