Welcome to our interview with Shawn Jackson, an accomplished DJ and Producer with a career spanning over two decades. In this conversation, we delve into Shawn’s early influences, his musical preferences, and what fuels his creative process. Join us as we gain insights into the artist behind the beats.

Hello Shawn Jackson! How are you?

Hello, I am doing great, happy to be here with you today.

Take us back to the start, what was your first introduction into Electronic Music? Who inspired the initial spark of your passion?

Well, turn back to 1995 when I stepped into music production for the first time, influenced by Florida Breaks and specifically, Josh Wink, the unique sound and the energy that track provided, got me hooked. Looking back, it’s very simplistic, but ahead of its time then.

Were there any standout live performances that you attended early on that played a major impact on you as a DJ and Producer?

Way back in those days, I was frequenting all the “raves” to experience as many artists as possible. A few standouts were The Chemical Brothers, The Orb, Daft Punk (obviously) and The Crystal Method.

What do you find makes you gravitate towards a track and is there usually a specific element of a track that you take most inspiration from?

I have always been drawn to a heavy percussion and bassline, the melody really wasn’t my focal point, a solid kick and bass sold me.

Would you say your musical influences have changed over the years? If so, how?

I would say they remain the same, however I have developed my own sound based on those influences which is a staple of the Shawn Jackson Muzik brand.

What are your favorite genres outside of Electronic Music?

This should be funny; I still like classic rock and some heavier Metallica from time to time. The complete sound which live instruments and true musicians create is impressive and satisfying.

Can you tell us your top five favorite artists of all time?

That’s easy, Carl Cox, Oscar G, Roger Sanchez, Sasha, and Danny Tenaglia.

If you had to choose three genres to listen to for the rest of your life, what would they be and why?

House, Techno and Drum & Bass for sure, love them all and have released in each genre.

Sometimes random sources can spark creativity, can you remember a moment when a sound or everyday experience unexpectedly influenced one of your productions?

When I was younger and just starting my production journey, I was always doing something involving water sports and boating. I was always drawn to the sound of moving water from my wakeboard, which ended up being the riser and white noise you still hear in my tracks today, very subtle but pronounced at the same time providing energy at the buildup.

What do you find feeds your creativity more, is it music from new artists, listening to your favourite tracks or attending live shows?

It’s the energy from my shows. I feed off the crowd, their energy and love of music is the best inspiration anyone could ask for. They are the true measurement of music in my opinion and I love and respect them all for the years of support that continue to provide me on this amazing journey.

We finish this interview thanking Shawn Jackson, for sharing stories about his background and his musical journey so far with us. It’s always a pleasure getting to know the artist behind the music, make sure to follow him across social media as he promises new music on the way.

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