One of my favourite new acts of 2016 was the LA based electronic pop duo Man Made Time. Hillary Grace and Albert Babanian brought a nice little modern sounding edge on their thoroughly enjoyable, electronically lead self-titled debut EP. I particularly liked the soft quirky style the duo were establishing for themselves within the collection of quietly, soothing, introspective songs.

The music is emotive and of the best part eclectic with a nice welcoming mix of a slight urban influence, which I feel puts Man Made Time very much part of the current scene of up-and-comers.

Today, Man Made Time is back with a fresh new song and video which we are delighted to premiere. As soon as I heard, “Fool“, I fell in instant love with its lush smokey vocals and ambiently skewed synths. It’s important for new artists to maintain a distinctive sound, and I feel that Man Made Time is providing exactly this on their follow-up release.

The song is a story of heartbreak and betrayal and comes matched with a soundtrack which is touching and poignant. The video captures the duo in a high rise apartment, bathed in the twinkly night time glow of a city back drop. Soft coloured lights projected onto the duo makes the video nothing short of beautiful, fully complementing the evocative nature of the song.

If you’ve enjoyed the beautiful video for “Fool“, then make sure to check out more of the duo’s songs on YouTube and Spotify to get a real feeling of what Man Made Time is all about.

Connect with Man Made Time
Facebook: https://facebook.com/Manmadetime
Twitter: @manmadetime
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/manmadetime