Man Made Time

Photo: Mr Margos

The one thing guaranteed to make an EQ break out a mile wide smile, is when an out-of-the-box thinking new act becomes known to us. To be quite serious now, it makes us really sit up and tune in!

With cookie cutter pop on tap in abundance all fighting for a piece of mainstream action, it’s the acts which commit themselves to going out left-of-field, that invariably enrich our music palettes by their cutting edge diversification alone. In so much, that they stand out from the pack and leave a new sonic imprint in our minds.

As, when you’ve been music blogging as long as we have, it’s moments of discovery like this which really are our state of nirvana.

LA based pop duo Man Made Time are the reason for our intensified goosebumps break-out today, as we clearly note them to be, an intuitive partnership at work, fully complementing each other in each individuals work strengths. They really do appear to be intrinsically honed in to the cause, together.

Singer/songwriter/producer Hillary Grace and Albert Babanian (synth/songwriter/producer) have awoken our senses with a future sound served of their forward thinking creative direction. A sonic template cut heavy from the percussion section set aside placement of esoteric electronic undertones from Albert, providing a fitting sonic dancefloor for Hillary’s otherworldly gilded vox to dance upon to its fullest potential.

A fine example of this comes in current single “Sail Away” which is lifted off of their newly released self-titled EP effort.

Backing up their strong electronic met identity, as Man Made Time. Hillary and Albert utilize a visual backdrop of lucid imagery and soft lighting to bring out the song narrative to the fore. This being a message of standing proudly away from convention and marching to the beat of their own drum as seen via the accompanying visual below.

We like what’s going on in their mindset as much as the diverse electronic pop approach they serve here.

Would we like to go in for some more? I think we’re up for that as feel, we could quite be in this left-of-field sonically defined world with Man Made Time for the long run.

EQ is happy to present to you the full EP stream EXCLUSIVE below.

Take delight in these alternative electronic pop nuggets one by one. As each track throws up a little cheery element of diversified surprise of its own.

We’re not so much sticking our neck out but are calling it, you are now looking at and listening to a new EQ favourite.