To my mind, there can never be enough uplifting music out in the world. I am a firm believer listening to music can alter your mood in an instant, this is why I will never tire of rousing and empowering anthems in a way that I just, eat them up. If like me taking care of your state of well-being begins with a daily dose of music therapy. Help is on hand from pop newcomer and proclaimed “Low Boy” Layto who is on a mission to spread positive anthemic vibes with unabashed honest lyricism. Covering topics which enable everybody to feel they can relate to. “The Low Boy” EP cycles through his doubt, fear, and belief, as he chronicles the struggle of being a low-boy that believes in himself when no one else does. Rousing EP track “The Way” is an inviting opening number, to get behind. Filled with heavy island-fused drums, and a pretty piano synth throughout its entirety. Its triumphantly, epic sounding instrumentation and intimate lyrics ignite a conversation about celebrating a new “way”.

From LAYTO: “The Way” is a record I wrote about self-empowerment. It was just one of those mornings I woke up and felt like I had a blueprint or a way out. I was reflecting on my life, the shitty jobs, the struggle, and felt like my music was my solace. I work a lot of things out when I sleep so the line: “I would fall asleep, to my darkest dream, all the truth I seek, calling out to me.” The lyric video is me attempting to convey coming out of that hole of depression/anger, and making it out. You can see a circle of light at the top, and that’s what I want the audience to feel. Aspiring to get out and rise up in the clear.”

Layto is setting the bar, for clever and authentic musical artistry presented in an upbeat, uplifting style. All the tracks on the “Low Boy” EP are motivational and inspirational in their, own unique way. The lyrics focus on the rollercoaster of emotions which reflects much of everybody’s less than perfect lives but also has ideas with a personal identity which come from Layto, only. From beginning to end “The Low Boy” EP makes a powerful first impression, and then, even better, a series of more complex and lasting ones. Made with integrity, soul, and artistry to be proud of it is a sterling, debut EP effort for any artist to undertake, let alone a newcomer.

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