Massachusetts native Layto came to my attention last year when I was introduced to his uplifting, self-empowerment track “The Way” which received its premiere here with us on EQ Music Blog. The release came at a very early point in Layto’s emergence on the music scene, yet acted as a benchmark release for the newcomer. Who has since seen another of his tracks “Poor Little Me” from the same debut EP (“The Low Boy“) garner over 20 million streams across YouTube, Spotify, Apple Music and SoundCloud. Achievements such as this can only signify he is now genuinely regarded as a bona fide artist-on-the-rise. A recent signing with Paradigm Talent Agency and Lowly Records backs this up. Resulting in the rapidly rising indie-pop artist’s motivational debut, body of work “The Low Boy” EP receiving a re-release.

At the time of my writing about opening track “The Way,” there were no other of Layto’s songs available online, although I was allowed an early listen to the EP in its entirety. I was pleasantly impressed not only with the accomplished musicality throughout but by the lyrical songcraft as well. I am not shaken to learn of Layto’s recent successes because the level of artistry which went into the making of it. The music reflects the Nashville natives reality. It’s a way for people to see who he really is.

The initial feelings I had about “The Low Boy” after listening to it for the first time are now being recognised by the singers growing fan base of listeners. In support and celebration of Layto’s hard work and achievements. I thought it would be good to follow up by sharing the full EP stream with our readers, as a way for this credible, noteworthy, new artist to reclaim a spot on your new music radars. Enjoy the uplifting melodies, the memorably catchy soundscape which features a fusion of genres. Layto covers us seamlessly shifting through, hip-hop, to trap, to pop. Although hard not to get too wrapped up in the musical sensibilities which stem the EP, make every effort to listen intently to the lyrics, to fully appreciate the extent of Layto’s musicianship.

“I named my EP “The Low Boy” because it speaks to the transition from the first part of my life to where I am now,” shares Layto. “This is a persona of the downtrodden, outcast to the music industry/opulence. A rags to riches story, just illustrating that I came from a working-class environment, where it wasn’t really considered a viable option to ‘make it’ in the arts. I was the low boy; always being told no or that I couldn’t do something. Now, I’ve finally achieved what I wanted.”

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