There is no shortage of newly emerging Swedish pop sirens they seem to appear almost as regularly as the tides of the ocean. Because there is plenty of good music coming out of Sweden, it’s not easy for those special songs by newcomers to stand out. While this year’s hype might be on artists like Skott and LÉON, I’m always more interested to pick up on someone, a little more under-the-radar and acclaimed Stockholm singer-songwriter Jackie Tech is the perfect fit. Jackie has released one pop banger “You Can Have It All“, she’s now on the way to emulate her debut’s success with “Heart On Replay” the follow-up single.

After taking the world of dance music by storm, and healing after experiencing nodules on her vocal chords the Swedish pop starlet reached back into her extensive library of musical influences and settled for a more soul-influenced sound. 2017 see’s Jackie return with a brighter look and sound with her comeback single “Heart On Replay“, which as she explains, “This song is a tribute to falling head over heels. It’s about the tunnel vision that seems to swoop in and just tune out everything besides that special someone.” The vibrancy of the track strikes me the most it’s an endearing funk clash of soul grooves, soulful vocals and synths and we have the pleasure of premiering it on EQ today.

Jackie Tech’s singing voice is beautiful and exciting. Added to the emotionally wrought pop and sweeping, chords of “Heart On Replay” it shows off her musical abilities and why we must not sleep on her mesmerising brilliance. I hope this time around she’ll earn even more recognition equally from the Swedes and anyone who appreciates a catchy pop song.

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Twitter: @Jackie_Tech