It’s good to see Swedish singer Jackie Tech is back in her stride releasing new music after being struck down with nodules on her vocal chords. If anything the time she spent healing has been no less productive it seems a fervour, of songwriting, has kept the singer busy. And, now she is thankfully recovered we get to hear some of those new songs. In November last year, we had the great pleasure of premiering Jackie’s huge, comeback single “Heart On Replay“. It was a hard act to follow, but she’s done it and is following up with another slice of electronic pop brilliance, her third single “Picking Up“.

With this single, it is clear she is moving on from the soulfully sweeping electro-pop sound of “Heart On Replay“. The gears have changed, and new song “Picking Up” switches into an upbeat mode, rife with a playful melody which begs you to dance your pants off. Also, Jackie is having some great fun with wordplay on this song. The clever way she is going back and forth, flipping around the song lyrics, at times almost, turns the chorus into a tongue-twister of just the two simple words, picking and up.

The catchy dance track feels quite, unexpected from Jackie but, nonetheless shows us that there is a lot more we need to learn about her. With producer, Middle Milk, Tech’s music is commercial yet individual with a unique sound, helping her style, personality and influences come out. Track by track we are getting a broader overview of her creative bones, penmanship and musicality, which when brought together makes fascinating electronic-pop songs like “You Can Have It All”, “Heart On Replay” and “Picking Up“. The book of songs written by Jackie when she became ill is definitely, now providing, the goods. So if you’re not, yet familiar with Jackie Tech, now’s the time to get acquainted.

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