I do love being informed about emerging indie-pop duo’s. One’s who are independently releasing music off of their own back, are those I tend to prefer better than most. A good, example of such, covering both those facets and who I’ve been listening too lately is an exciting, London-based duo, Westfoord. They are exciting because… A) after only forming this year (2020) the two eighteen-year-olds Finn West and Fergus Foord have written and released their debut album “Little by Little” while in lockdown. B) they definitely are an exemplary example of an emerging young queer duo who use their voices and talent for the greater good. C) the songs, are surprisingly tender and thoughtful.

I’m glad I had some time this week to properly check out this duo’s album. Westfoord’s press photo looked great, and it definitely spurred me on, to listen to their eight-track debut effort “Little by Little.” I was more than a little amazed at the chemistry and musical connection the duo seem to have formed already. I had only gotten halfway through the opening title-track when this special instant connection immediately shone out. I wasn’t expecting to be enveloped with feelings of such emotional tenderness, as quick upon diving in on it. Finn and Fergus, gorgeous harmonies hit me within in seconds. Enough to hold me captivated by their sweet, smart, and informed song-crafting and stunningly affecting, soul-stirring musicality. The release touches on themes of love, growing up, and the battle for equality for the LGBTQ+ community, and black and ethnic minorities.

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“If I ever feel emotional, I race to my piano and let whatever comes out, come out. I know my feelings aren’t unique, and so, I hope these songs touch other people that share my emotions so that they could potentially feel less alone,” explains Fergus

Westfoord score big with likeability factor. Because of their acoustic tinged offerings, they tend to remind me a little of the duo Bim. I think this is because Finn and Rebecca from each of the duo’s have quite similarly sweetly, compelling voices. “Little by Little” the debut album, is substantial and meaningful, it balances, poignant lyrics and pleasing melodies with comfortable ease. In a world where a lot of pop music is formulaic, and cookie-cutter Westfoord more than holds their own. The future bodes well for this duo.

Connect with Westfoord
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/westfoord
Twitter: https://twitter.com/westfoordmusic
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/westfoord/

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