We are again, drawn into Bim’s sophomore album “Two” by the mesmerising pull of a wistfully captivating new track and visuals.

Following Bim’s recent introduction to their new album via the elegantly gorgeous “My Body My Mind”, the duo further offer up a similarly alluring companion to this by way of the spellbinding direction of blissful synth-pop which is featured of new track “What You Wanted”.

The earnestly heartfelt lyrics that Bim continue to master are always
carried through with such sincerity that we are really moved by their emotion, only because there is so much genuine truth relayed in their words. “What You Wanted” is yet another fine example of this, exposing the bare-truths and finer points of a relationship, to the agonizing point where being openly honest may also result in being more than a touch poignantly felt.

Aside from Becky and Tim’s lyrical and vocal skills, they continue to draw our eyes into their visuals by exercising their creative knowhow, this time around it’s with chair-o-graphy and where we go on to further discover another of Becky’s hidden talents… singing in a handstand!

What You Wanted” serves as an instant grat track when pre-ordering album “Two” via