Do you know what the best thing about being a new artist music blog is? It’s that every morning after my first coffee of the day, I open up my inbox not knowing if I’m going to come across my next favorite band/singer. The possibility is only a small part of the thrill, but on finding one, that’s an all out celebration these days. I don’t just rely on my inbox, my social media has also been known to provide me with rich pickings and this is how I’ve stumbled upon this tasty new indie-electronic pop duo Tonica.

I was a little puzzled at first at how this Manchester duo kept peeping up all over my social media accounts, but I quickly assumed this was a new project born out of a previous act that I’ve must have been mega keen on. As soon as I heard the vocal kick in on this hazy, synth-piqued debut, the mystery was unwrapped as there is no mistaking the voice of Amory Neish-Melling formerly of Girl Friend and it looks very much like Sam from the band also.

Anyways, I think Girl Friend might have checked-off every eventuality in writing about songs touching upon a skewed view on modern night life. Tonica’s sleek debut taster “Save Yourself” are every bit as good as their previous Girl Friend incarnation. If not a pinch more tapped, playing into our appetite for the intelligently darker kind of indie electronic pop.

Nom Nom.