It is quite unusual to see emerging pop artists from The Netherlands dominating the music press headlines. Because of Duncan Laurence’s recent success at Eurovision, I expect we might further see a few more Dutch acts attempting to breaking through to pop consumers of the UK and beyond. As a neighbouring country, Belgium could also be seen as being on par with this current trend. And actually, just days ago introduced a new Antwerp based electronic pop duo, Promis3 who are quite interesting in an intriguing, alluring kind of way.

The newly formed duo are, singer Brent Dielen and producer Andras Vleminckx (Vleminckx – previously known as LIMITS.) They have come together to stretch their creative energies as artists and musicians in ways they haven’t explored before. As Promis3, their intention is to make visual art, as well as experiment with styles of electronic music. They make a great start with “Losing Our Connection” a song which delivers on both accounts.

It hit me from the offset.The track is a rich, immersive record. Immediately arresting and sonically resonating. At its lyrical core is raw emotion and soul-searching. Elsewhere it appears as a rumbling slice of electronica. The track is brooding with emotion and Brent’s soulfully, alluring vocals soar above the beat effortlessly. Whereas, aesthetically speaking, the visual elements are arty with nods to love and romance. Are open to interpretation around themes indicating the deterioration of a relationship.

This is, in essence, contemporary dance music detailed with intelligent thought provoking lyrics. (It makes people dance and think at the same time.) Its appeal is that it is sophisticated, intense and inviting. While it is early days for Promis3, the breadth of their creative vision is gripping. The duo is definitely pushing some good ideas forward into the world. The release of their debut EP (on their own “Simulated Paradise” imprint), is just around the corner. I am of the feeling, it will be worthwhile to keep a close eye on these boys. They have something special quite about them.

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