I am aware “Arcade” has surfaced as the current bookmakers favourite to win Eurovision this year. I don’t pay too much attention to these polls though. When I have big feelings about music or a song, in particular, it has to come purely from my gut, that I write and share my thoughts about them. My own Eurovision journey began weeks ago. As the finalists from each country began to file in. I have since been taking stock of every new happening with a close eye and ear. Breakfast talk in my house between my son and myself has flipped from chats about Lewis Capaldi’s latest Instagram videos to banter about this year’s potential Eurovision winner. The first-morning brew consumed while listening to all participants latest performances.

My son and I have watched each other’s reactions to these Eurovision songs from across our tiny but cosy living room space. We are now really familiar with all the songs. Sometimes as we are listening I might be scrolling my social media timelines on my phone. The truth is there has not been one solitary occasion when I haven’t stopped in my tracks and looked up at the TV screen when Duncan Laurence of The Netherlands performs “Arcade.” It has become such an instinctive and natural reaction that I don’t realise I am doing it any more.

The song is very vocally driven. The instrumental elements of it are suitably pared back. I find striking similarities between the timbre of Duncan Laurence’s vocal with that of Jody Gadsden, the lead singer of Autoheart. Being honest, it is this comparison which has become firmly wedged inside my head and has helped me feel every emotion in this song, even more strongly. “Arcade” is a big surprise from The Netherlands.

Duncan says of the song…

“Since “Arcade” I’ve written many songs, but somehow “Arcade” feels like the centre of all of them. It started my journey to wanting to write songs that can really mean something to people.” (extract taken from eurovision.tv)

Judging by the growing heat on the track, the public at large is getting it in as big a way as I do. I have watched the ESC all of my years but I have never felt so moved by any single one entry before, as I do this song. I will be an emotional wreck if “Arcade” does win Eurovision.

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