There is every chance you will not have heard about Ora the Molecule before. By way of intrduction. They are trio who delight in defying the conventions of pop. Combining features from their multicultural backgrounds with pulsing electronic elements. I was planning to feature them early last year, after being approached with a preliminary track from the band. Nothing became of these plans, it got pushed back. (At the time, the ladies were in the midst of, getting their promotion team in place.) Nonetheless, I have remained intrigued and interested in their work and progress as a trio. It thrills me, they really are committed to taking risks with their music. It doesn’t matter if you are a virtually unknown new artist or an iconic pop star like Madonna. In the long run, making music which stands out from the norm is a valuable asset to have.

The members of Ora the Molecule come from Norway by way of LA, Slovakia and Germany. Interestingly as a new band collective, they have relocated to and reside in Spain. What I think is particularly clever here is that they have the ability at their fingertips, to bring many worldly styles into their work. It is entirely possible that as listeners we will begin to notice their innovative creations form a musically plotted travelogue of sorts.

Ora the Molecule is a band who are slowly building momentum. The debut release “Sugar” is curiously mellow. Intoxicating. Mesmerising. It arouses the right kind of curiosity in the trio. The track merely serves the tiniest glimpse into their brand of fusion pop. Yet we can easily take from it, rhythmic motifs and deeply thought out lyrics are attributes which will continue to feature as the trio continue to develop their signature styling. New single “The Cup” brings the previously mentioned traits onboard. With brighter tones and memorable chants embedded into the eclectic blend of danceable pop. Ora shows us how masterful they are when kicking things up a notch. At first, I couldn’t quite place why they have been signed by Nerve Management, the label known for tantalizing our tastebuds with the squelchy house beats of Azari and III and the discotastic grooves by way of Germany’s Tensnake. The arrival of “The Cup” satisfies the curiosity on this account.

If I was only allowed to use two words, to sum up, these newcomers, distinctive, and exciting are definitely what I would choose to describe this trio.

Interested in seeing Ora the Molecule LIVE? They play London’s “The Waiting Room” May 1st (Ticketing info here)

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