by Raj Rudolph

Why is it that everything Azarii & III crank out so achingly cool?  I mean seriously, how much more cool can you get?  Witness firsthand their brand new video for "Reckless" which is not only on-the-cusp of cutting edge, but it's so nu-retro that it's TIMELESS.  It's right about time that proper, bitchy, en-vogue New York house and vibe make a comeback and Azarii & III are flying the flag for this genre.  If only back then would the New York house bands had access to such cutting edge visuals, perhaps the genre would have been more influential than it was.

Sidenote – I would LOOOVVVEEE to just have a finger through these dude's CD, cassette and vinyl collections.  If this is the type of music they make, can you imagine what they listen to? 

Just watch…

"Reckless (With Your Love)" out on 12th February 2012 & self-titled album on 19th February 2012.