If Swedish dream-pop weavers The Sound Of Arrows blissful synth stylings are a calming and uplifting source of audio pleasure to you, you will be very, pleased to meet Lynda. We haven’t unearthed, the Linda, soulful Scottish duo Hue and Cry were looking for back in the late 1980’s, but instead, a newly formed South-East London electronic duo who channel their varying influences into writing 80s-tinged dream pop in their Lewisham bedroom studio. I was sent an introductory email about, the duo the other week and ended up listening to debut single “UFO” for a good, straight, ten minutes.

The best of what has been coming into my inbox lately has for the most part been pop, pop, and more pop with a flourish of electronic style about it. Lynda has been my newest synth-pop saviours in this respect. I’m very much feeling all the feelings when I listen to their world of electronic wonderment, first shaped by fabulous taster tracks “100 degrees“, “Under The Pines” and “Real Lyf” (which I advise you to check out for yourselves on Soundcloud.) Much as its name suggests, the debut single “UFO” has an otherworldly ambience which is all too easy to get wrapped up in, as I’ve already said I got swept up in it, in an instant. If it hadn’t been for my phone ringing and stopping to take a call, I’d probably have been listening to it on a loop for even longer.

Of the track, the band said that it is ‘a story of unrequited love… the feelings are almost fake or non-existent, like a UFO. We are also both big fans of the 80s and 90s sci-fi movies, and we wanted to create a sound that was inspired by that genre’.

For me, “UFO” feels like being in a dream which is unlike any other. As though, on an incredible time travelling trip veering from one universe to another. Musically a triumphant blend of the duo’s widescreen, symphonic melodies and dreamy electronica seem the perfect introduction to Lynda.

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