I absolutely loved Lynda’s debut effort “UFO” which came out a few months ago. I have pleasure in informing you, the London based duo have similarly struck gold with “Static” their sophomore single, as well.

You know, there actually haven’t been too many new synth-pop duos who have piqued, my interest of late. In this respect, being introduced to Lynda couldn’t have come at a better time. The duo’s vision of pop music is widescreen, while dreamy as though delivering a sonic experience from another world. The biggest comparison, I could make about the pairings music style, I’ve already mentioned previously, they are the part, Welsh, part Algerian, equivalent of The Sound Of Arrows. If you didn’t notice the likeness in the track “UFO.” I certainly think it will properly become apparent when the incredible, follow-up effort “Static” gives a full sweep of its cinematic beats to awaken your audio senses.

Why is it that I think this way? Well, namely because, they are proficiently skilled in the art of making slow-built dream pop, lush vocal harmonies and melodies that are damn near impossible to ignore. “Static” see’s the band shifting into a more expansive soundscape, experimenting further with whispery vocals and celestial electro production. If you were at all wondering, it definitely creates that the glorious feeling, of wide-eyed wonderment and how you’d imagine it to be like, when floating weightlessly up in the heavens, light years away. Completely, zoned out in a zen state of mind.

Meanwhile, back down on earth, Russ Jones and Youcef Khelil, of the duo say that “Static is about the early stages of a relationship. It’s about the disappointing, gritty reality of getting intimate with someone new, and how it contrasts with all the fictional television romance stories that heighten your expectations.”

Lynda is on a mission to rescue synth-pop from dull blandness. Where electronic beats and synthesizers coalesce with evocative melodies. Is where, the more you listen to the duos star-spangled pop, the more it falls into place and traps you under its spell.

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