I have to say, I am rarely as excited about an emerging electronica duo as I am today since becoming introduced to Brooklyn-based electropop outfit FIIZ. It is clear that these best friends ‘FI’ona and Isabelle ‘IZ’ are onto something special with their super-sonic adventure as FIIZ. Especially given that they began their musical journey during the quarantine days of the Covid-19 pandemic. What started as a way to ride the pandemic wave has turned them into a notable electronic pop prospect to watch.

I have been really into FIIZ lately. Vocally, they remind me of a darker version of Icona Pop. Their music blurs the lines between alt-pop, pop, and electronic genres, which I find particularly interesting. Even though they have not been around for long, they already have a debut EP under their belt. Yet nonetheless are keen to move their sound forward by exploring the electronic territory further, beginning with their new track, “Lungs.”

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In the lyrics, the duo express what it feels like to be intimate with a woman for the first time. How overwhelming and powerful that first-time experience can feel. They further emote how new lovers have a desire for kissing and not paying attention to the need to breathe, which is embodied in this song by FIIZ.

“From a joint perspective, we were really interested in creating a song that celebrated consent. There are so many love songs and lust songs out there, but not a lot of them touch on the idea that there is a mutual communication about intimacy that comes with such ease and fun.” FIIZ explains.

I noticed all the time that there are so many talented musicians out there, especially in the electronic music scene. However, when it comes to FIIZ, I cannot easily compare them to anyone else. They seem to have found their own unique sound, which is quite rare these days. I think it’s great that they’re fully embracing their individuality. It definitely makes their music more intriguing and memorable. I listen to some bands where it is blatantly obvious that they are copying the latest pop trends. But FIIZ is definitely a breath of fresh air in the music world.

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