Now, this is good, and exactly what you’d expect of a new artist who is being mentored through, renowned UK pop production house Xenomania. Paige Cavell is the latest new pop sensation to sign to the label’s roster, and head up the Xenomania presents, project. A showcase for the cream of rising talents. No-one can dispute the label has a good track record producing hit-making artists and songs, especially when it comes to female-led pop. Sugababes, Kylie, Girls Aloud, and The Saturdays have all benefited from the Xenomania touch. I’d say, with this in mind, a lot bodes well for Paige Cavell’s burgeoning career in pop.

By way of a proper launch, the singer unleashed the “Figure It Out” EP last week. A collection featuring three tracks and different tastes of musicality conjured up by the newcomer and assisted by the heavyweights behind the label. Each of the songs, “Figure It Out, “Tug Of War”, and “Vibe (Like We Used To)”, are hugely pop-centric. But serve as a suitable platform for Paige’s distinctive, gravelly powerhouse voice. She definitely, has a bit of rock star quality seeping through in the tones of her vocal. Along, with an abundance of sparkiness.

Bouncy, dance, cross-over bop “Figure It Out” is the track which leads Paige’s opening gambit. Although my preference leans more towards another of the EP offerings, the more pop geared “Vibe (Like We Used To)”. Either way, I am not feeling any of these songs, are capable enough to land her anywhere near the pop charts, just yet. Not unless the pop landscape begins to shake up a bit. Nonetheless, I do see Paige Cavell as an artist who is buzzing with potential to go further. Should all pan out well for the newcomer she could very well find herself deemed as competition for Sigrid, in time.

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