I forgot about Paige Cavell for a hot minute. At the time of my first mention of her in 2019, Xenomania Records had just signed the burgeoning pop star. The powerhouse singer had one great EP (“Figure It Out“) under her belt with the distinguished songwriting and production house. Although Paige is now a bona fide DIY artist staking a claim for pop stardom under her own esteem. As with many emerging musicians. Paige moved over to TikTok in a bid to get her music heard. What is more, the switch is working. Helping most importantly with renewing her zest for delivering A-grade pop.

Her new track “ROYL” is why I am talking about Paige today. She just released her debut as a wholly DIY artist. Although her talent is undeniable, she definitely took a lot on board during her time with Xenomania. Learning through co-writing with artists such as Tove Lo, GRACEY and Florrie whilst there.

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As pop releases go, “ROYL” is a biggie. A melodic, buzzy electro-pop offering. Upbeat and euphoric in its allure. “ROYL,” (rest of your life) was written in the wake of a breakup at a time when the UK was in lockdown.

“After a few months had passed, I decided I did not want the song to be as dark as when it was originally written. I wanted people to be able to dance their way out of a breakup instead of wallowing in their sadness surrounded by a mountain of snotty tissues!,” Paige explains.

Paige has 100% songwriting credit on the new song. Her authentic style of lyricism is definitely on-trend. I know I am talking about Paige here, but I would like to know who is sitting in the production chair for the track. My instincts tell me this came from Tileyard Studios because of the sensibilities of the melody and the production style. (Come clean whoever you are!).

I am hoping my guesswork is not way off the mark. I believe her pop career is about to take off if I am right.

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