Many pop aficionados are already saying that Metteson is likeliest Norway’s next big pop star. Indeed, Metteson is swiftly becoming Norway’s most promising pop star, and for good reason. With a co-sign from Sigrid, touring experience with AURORA, and widespread acclaim in his home country, Metteson’s talent is undeniable. After listening to his debut album “Look To A Star,” it’s noticeable that he possesses a rare artistry that has the potential to captivate audiences around the globe. I certainly felt a sense that, it’s not a matter of, if Metteson will become a superstar but rather when.

Metteson’s music is a true masterpiece that showcases the sensibility of his stellar acting background. His debut album is filled with mesmerizing drama and epic moments of musicality that make it stand out from the crowd. It’s not just the big pop tracks where he shines; He also displays a vulnerable side to his pop-making. His captivating vocals helm a beguiling mix of anthemic synth-pop and alternative leaning electronica, somewhat reminiscent of Asgeir, on tracks such as “Wallace Road,” “Ever Working Tide,” and “Heavier Than A Heart.” These tracks are evidence of Metteson’s musical genius and his ability to create music that captures the heart and soul of his listeners. If you’re a fan of pop music that’s both glossy and vulnerable, you won’t be disappointed in “Look To A Star“!

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Metteson has become a sensation in Norway with his incredible music. Especially with recent focus tracks like melancholy, dance floor banger “Waves” and the powerful alt-pop offering “Put It To Sleep.” His latest focus single, “Look To A Star,” showcases his undeniable pop presence and glistening Nordic cool. I highly recommend immersing yourself in the sonic experience of this album, starting with the title track, and latest album focus “Look To A Star“. It’s a perfect representation of the album’s style and is sure to leave you feeling amazed and enthralled.

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Looking for an immersive experience that combines theatre and dance? Look no further than Metteson’s live performances. This talented artist has a reputation for putting on quite a show. (Hints of this are in the “Look To A Star” music video). It’s interesting to note that he’s been to the UK before. He toured with AURORA and also performed at least one low-key show of his own in the capital in 2022. If you missed him then, don’t worry – he’ll be back in London and Manchester in May as part of his European tour. Don’t miss your chance to catch this rising star in action.

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