After many rumoured comebacks during the past few years, 2023 finally saw the OG Sugababes reemergence. As early as we are into 2024, it is, without doubt, Ariana Grande, with her R’n’B, dance-pop gem “yes, and?” is at the root of music fans’ excitement. What these two acts have in common, is they are bringing their R’n’B stylings back into vogue through the crossover of pop prominence. The question is, will this trend catch on further during 2024? And if so, which emerging artists in this style, will come through? As fortune would have it, I have a rather good lead on this burgeoning trend for 2024. Namely, in the form of the rising LA and Las Vegas-based pop artist Max Rae.

Furthermore, here are some reasons why you shouldn’t sleep on the rising star, Max Rae.

The powerhouse artist and performer comes to our notice today, boasting an impressive 15 single releases already under her belt and a win at The Nashville Music Awards for Outstanding Pop Performer. So, clearly, by those achievements alone she’s an artist to look out for. And now, she’s working with none other than the famed producer Keith Thomas, known for his hits with Amy Grant, Selena, and Vanessa Williams. Together, they’ve created a hit song called “Tattoo,” which has drawn interest from UK producers Until Dawn and Cutmore. Subsequently, both of them remixed the track and therefore, have kick-started Max’s branching out in the UK.

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Similarly, the music video for “Tattoo” has picked up some cool rotation on MTV Live. Thus indicating things are really heating up internationally for this artist. However, in this instance especially, it’s the UK viewers and listeners whom are taking Max Rae’s signature-styled R’n’B dance-pop to their hearts.

Take a look at the video. Marvel at the stellar performance of “Tattoo” by Max. As pointed out earlier, you will also notice that her remarkable vocal style bears resemblance to both Ariana Grande and the Sugababes.

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What’s more, when bearing in mind Max is regarded as one to watch. We are stoked to have her join the line-up of our first EQ Music Live, pop showcase this year. Also featuring, the fabulous newcomers Nic Billington, Anthony Hughes and Esmae. The venue is The Camden Club in London on February 2024.

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Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/max.rae.music/