Are you feeling the winter blues already? Well, let me introduce you to Anthony Hughes, an independent pop singer-songwriter with a powerhouse vocal and infectious energy that can keep those blues at bay. With his belief in spreading positivity through his music and performances, he has been making waves in the music industry since he switched his focus to music from professional dancing in 2020. Be ready to experience his electrifying performances and let him infuse some fun and positivity into your life.

Quite honestly, listening through Anthony’s release archive to date was the gift that kept giving. Furthermore, immediately, noticing the soulfulness of his vocals made me question why he didn’t progress a career in music earlier. His musicality and all-round artistry are such that it is wholly believable that he was born a singer. However, nowhere does his powerhouse potential become impressively unlocked than in his most recent track release, “Shining.” A track expressing the feeling of true liberation and joy that comes from being unapologetically yourself with someone you love. It’s hard not to feel inspired by the lyrics and the catchy melody. His talent is undeniable, and his music is simply uplifting.

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Anthony’s musical approach is truly inspiring – he aims to spread empowering grooves that connect with people and flow onto the dancefloor to be explored. “Shining” is a perfect example of this, with its deep disco styling and feel-good vibes. Two minutes, fifty-two seconds of dancefloor momentum. It’s no wonder this has become the anthem of his repertoire, a surefire dancefloor heater that helps the mind, body, and soul feel upbeat and energized. If you’re looking for music that will empower you and lift your spirits, Anthony’s tracks are the way to go. His music is sure to induce endorphins and get you feeling your best.

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