The BBC Sound of, poll, would have us believe, this is the year Norwegian pop takes over, as far as Sigrid was crowned the winner this could hold an element of truth. However, Sweden’s neighbours have always proved themselves equally talented in the music department with 2018 being the year, in which the Norwegians are allowed to really, shine. There’s another artist signed to the same management as Sigrid and Aurora, who we need to keep an eye. Fred Well is a one-time member of Norwegian band The Well and has been supporting Sigrid on her latest UK tour dates, so I think we can safely conclude that the management is really, riding on this UK meets Norwegian wave, thing.

Fred’s solo career began with a track called “Complicated” released in September, of last year. It introduced the Bergan native on the pop trajectory with a mellow kind of soul meets electronic style, revisited on sophomore single “Superhero” and new cut “More Than A Maybe“. Well, is one of those artists whose achieved an instantly, identifiable sound entirely of his own making, but nonetheless, pushes forward towards something fresh and new. His sleek offerings take a soulful nod from the 90’s and are brushed, with 21st-century production strokes. His vocal glides like butter over registers, peaking at a dreamy falsetto which combines effortless credibility with huge, commercial appeal.

Listening to the music of, Fred Well is like listening to Justin Timberlake meets the emotive balladry of Michael Jackson. The soft, electronic-based soundscapes soothe with chilled rhythms which are reverb drenched and touchingly, sparse. Well’s earnest lyrics, unique style and enchanting voice are a force to be reckoned with. Fred Well is one of Norway’s best new artists to watch, and his star is only rising.

Connect with Fred Well

Twitter: @fredwell_music