We are all very well aware that the female-focused pop arena is a saturated area to break into. And I am always looking for more, from newcomers, than a wannabe, channelling the vibes of current on trend recording artists. For instance, Dua Lipa is pretty, awesome but I don’t want to hear about lots of aspiring singers replicating her style. This is why Tileyard’s new breakout act, Franky, stood out to me from among the bulging, submission pile this week. The Yorkshire raised singer-songwriter takes her cues from funk and disco on debut release “All Of the Boys.” These are styles which when put together could have resulted in a house-styled banger. Only Franky and the team behind her have taken ahold of these elements and turned them into something far better. A hot slice of funk-pop deliciousness.

In some respects, Franky is a bang on modern lass yet, also in the same breath, she’s got a little something of an old soul when it comes to the music she’s making. Best of all, while she’s hitting the ground running. She’s hammering her own authentic stamp onto the pop, funk disco thresholds by way of seeking out a signature style for herself the from the off-set.

About “All Of The Boys.” Franky says…”It’s about girls going out to have a good time, and fooling the boys that only have one thing on their mind. Girls can see those kinds of people a mile off.”

I have no hesitation, in deducing from this her first effort, Franky is a cool operator. Probably a smooth operator as well, but most definitely cool. She defies conventions with her adventurous music and style. After years of writing, busking and performing in and around local Yorkshire, pubs, clubs and events. She’s keen and ready for the world to listen up to what she has to offer. A striking contrast infusing a sound that’s somewhere between retro disco and futuristic pop is an interesting beginning point. With the evidence in the song “All Of The Boys,” Franky is a singer who bares her soul in solid compositions and, belts them out accordingly. Remember where you heard it first…

Connect with Franky
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/iamfrankymusic/
Twitter: @iamfrankymusic
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/iamfrankymusic/