The recent appearance of “Follow My Lead,” the sophomore single by Franky dropping into my inbox. Immediately made me realise I must have had a momentary episode of mind-blank when helping put together the January 2020 edition of the “This Beat Is Poptronik” playlist. It occurred to me that I had omitted to serve justice on Franky’s splendid break out hit “All Of The Boys.” What a faux pas, and it’s all on me. How can I possibly do the right thing and make amends? I hope a follow-up review of “Follow My Lead” will suffice as my humble attempt at an apology? (I was going to, anyway.)

The newcomer made a dazzling entrance with her debut “All Of The Boys.” ‘A hot slice of funk-pop deliciousness’ were the remarks I made about the track, at the time. I don’t think it has been mentioned yet, that aside from releasing her first pop track, last year. Franky also began to establish herself as a DJ in her hometown of Leeds. Carving out a duel-career can be tough, although plenty of DJ’s and producers have gone on to turn these opportunities into lucrative, success stories. Her attention may have drifted over to the club side of music life, for a while, but with it comes the benefits of added inspiration on tap when unleashing her next infectiously, catchy pop banger.

I don’t know what Franky plays in her DJ sets. Listening to “Follow My Lead” I’m hazarding a guess she drops plenty of funk jams and disco vibes into them. Her new anthem positively crackles with these, well-heeled club-led and styled grooves. This being said, and although the track has a distinctly, familiar feel. It makes, very good, sense, she can slip a play of her own track into the playlist when she next DJs. She deserves a pat on the back, for having this foresight and for creating mass appealing vibes. Listening again, to both “Follow My Lead” and “All Of The Boys” I deduce, Franky is just a little funk monster at heart and has learned early, how to grow an enormous bassline groove, that will get any party flowing. Showcasing this kind of wisdom beyond her years does heaps to validate the hype surrounding her.

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