It has been a very long time since I’ve been introduced to any new South African music talents. And yet, I know from experience this is a country which produces some very good pop and electronic pop music. Nic Billington and the duo Locnville are just two examples of South African pop makers, who have previously caught my attention over the years. The hiatus is over. After listening to the track “Good Behavior” by Filipa, my fascination with South African pop music has started up once more.

This track is her first release outside of SA. Setting her sights on the US market primarily but you know, in this day in the digital age are territorial boundaries still a thing? I’m of the opinion this rightly ceased to exist about five years ago. Even so “Good Behavior” is available to stream / buy all the usual places you would normally stream or buy music. I am under the impression, the reason for pushing forward as a US release is more in keeping with how Filipa got her break, into music. She experienced worldwide success after winning an international Ryan Seacrest cover song competition for her rendition of One Direction’s “Story Of My Life”.

With her new track “Good Behavior,” Filipa delivers a song full of soulful emotion which is big on pop sensibility and is carried by a danceable melody. Filipa is unapologetically honest about what she feels. The song tells the story of a young woman wanting someone else even though she is in a committed relationship. So the song is about coming within the grips of temptation. Is a timely reminder of what kind of upheaval may happen if we allow our heart to rule our head, should we find ourselves in a similar spot. The song not only touches the heart but also imparts wisdom.

South African singer Filipa set out to score some global appeal with this song. She has certainly, came up with the goods. The pop world at large will love the tracks mainstream sound, and her beautiful voice is sure to touch many listeners and make new fans.

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