We have been hot right on it, to the quick with South African twin duo Locnville in the past as these boys have given us plenty of supersized, super-infused electro hip-pop to obsess about.

Seriously now, we have been down with their out-of-the ball-park grooviness for time, that they’ve tantalized our senses with total bops of the envelope pushing kind.

Whilst we waited on a fully fledged UK push, that once seemed a certain to happen. The duo have continued to bat off more hits to their home crowd and loyal ‘villen’ fanbase, who readily supped up these next level thought out pop nuggets with thirst on them greater than supply.

Ever the lionhearted, Brian and Andrew are still in it for the win, and as time has marched on from their sophomore album “Running To Midnight” they’ve found themselves now inked in a global record deal with Warner Music South Africa.

After hitting the studio for a while with a masterbrains new team out in L.A., the duo are back to it revived and more than ready to commence showing out all that extends to their yet untitled third album, slated for release this summer.

Hallelu Locnville are still calling it in sick with the album’s first single release, drop “Grapevine”. Thankfully, the boys next-level approach is still very much where there focus remains, at the heart of all things.

Tripping on the hip-hop beats in pop these days, is being looked at as one of the newest hot trends to go in on. We say to this, Locnville have been nurturing this sound as their unique point of investment for many years now. To our mind, they have always been ahead of the game in this respect. Well now, the new music trendies have caught up with the proper amazingness that’s had us onside for championing the duo, it’s more than time enough that Locnville who have been at the forefront of such in our assumptions, to shine out a little and grab some thoroughly deserved worldwide attention of their own!

The starting point is “Grapevine” which serves their signature sound, pegged through a filter of futuristic inventiveness.

Hey it doesn’t even bother us that the promo video isn’t a budget busting affair, we’re just happy to see Brian and Andrew before our very own eyes, chillin’ and styling out these dope bangs, with the thought there is more on the way firmly etched in our minds.