The process of coming up with stage names for music artists can be fascinating. Since they range from cryptic to self-explanatory. Crêpe Girl, the alt-pop newcomer, is no exception. The solo project by French-American artist Eliza Grégoire takes it name after a crepe stand she operated in Denver while in college. The inspiration behind the name is endearing. And is furthermore reflected in her music which is just as deliciously inviting as the skinny pancake treat itself.

Read on and discover the tempting sounds of Crêpe Girl and enjoy the experience!

Crêpe Girl’s music is a captivating display of emotive lyricism that perfectly captures the essence of a twenty-two-year-old navigating the ups and downs of growing up. Her explorations of youthful experiences, Including the complexities of dating. These are delivered with a raw and relatable honesty that is truly impressive. Therefore, it’s no surprise that she has already landed notable support slots on tour with Claud and Cub Sport. Thus proving her talent and potential as an artist.

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Following a slew of independent releases Crêpe Girl just announced her debut EP. Apparently, she has been releasing indie music for a while now but has just signed with a Norwegian label called 777 Music. The EP titled “Stargazing,” is to release on March 22nd. They also just dropped a teaser track called “DRUG,” which sounds really cool. I read that the track is a project with a Chilean/Norwegian producer, Bob Junior, who has worked with artists like boy pablo, Cuco, and Alfie Templeman. The song is about being into someone who’s kind of like a drug, and how addictive it feels to be around them.

“We also allude to girl in red with “two queens in a king sized bed” as she has been an inspiration for me the past few years.” Crêpe Girl adds.

Crepe Girl’s music is a breath of fresh air in the music industry, and her impact on the LGBTQ community is nothing short of incredible. Her powerful lyrics and authentic storytelling inspire hope and positivity, resonating with fans around the world. With pop-infused tracks like “DRUG“, it’s no surprise that she’s quickly gaining global recognition. Keep an eye on this newcomer, as she’s ready to take the music world by storm. If you haven’t listened to her music yet, you’re missing out on an artist who’s truly making a meaningful impact.

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