Lately, I have been hearing a lot about Norway’s newest indie-pop sensation, girl in red. The singer-songwriter/producer Marie Ulven (real name) dreamy offerings have taken off like wildfire during recent months, with streams and views escalating into the millions. Yet she still keeps within the lo-fi styling which stems from her first humble recordings made in her bedroom. The music has caught on rapidly because of being greatly lyrical and of being a relatable voice to girls who love girls. There is a lot of looking-inwards in girl in red lyrics and on a music front, guitar strokes and jangling melodies often feature, predominantly. The sensitivity which is usually found in the song narratives has also made its way over to the singers endearing Christmas offering, “two queens in a king sized bed.”

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The festive offering from the singer is draped in shimmering, melody, the twinkling of piano keys, and a splash of strings serve as, girl in red’s only accompaniment. Her tender voice is emotionally fuelled and poignant as she sings about waking up on Christmas morning with her girlfriend laying beside her. The lyrics evoke a cosy scene of happiness and contentment. What I like most about this Christmas song. (That I don’t like with most other Christmas tracks.) “two queens in a king sized bed,” hasn’t been made with the intent of seeking a coveted chart placing, (as is the norm at this time of year.) Instead, it really does spread joy to the world by sending an inclusive message.

Nonetheless, what this girl in red release, has in common with; Mariah Carey “All I Want For Christmas Is You,”“Last Christmas” by Wham! and John Lennon’s decades-spanning “Happy Xmas” (War Is Over.) Is that it has the hallmark of becoming a new seasonal classic. Without a doubt “two queens in a king sized bed” is, comfortably, the most touching and endearing festive effort I have heard in years.

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