Today’s emerging artist is bringing the exact kind of musical vibes we love here on EQ Music Blog. Nashville singer-songwriter Clinton John pens, authentic, pop songs which resonate with soulfulness and intimacy. While he turns up here on the blog today, much of 2020 has been spent releasing a string of singles, establishing his brand of captivating and inviting melodic pop. Which is good, news because I dread this time of year when the days become shorter and darker. Music releases during this time have a tendency to reflect this mood. I desire, quite the opposite, tracks, which make me feel good.

Clinton John’s latest single “Fresh,” was described to me as being “our year-long summer anthem,” a statement which ticks all the right boxes for me. As do, the comparisons made with Troye Sivan, Conan Gray and Tove Lo. Clinton’s press team read me right they suspected I would be into this singer-songwriters groove and they were very right, I am. “Fresh” couldn’t have dropped into my inbox at a better time. The tracks catchy infectious melody really stood out amid a cacophony of new releases, being pitched at me.

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Clinton John speaks out about his inspiration: “After my first break-up, it was hard for me to imagine having feelings for someone else again. I found myself comparing any new love interest to my previous experience and how everything after that just fell short. The next time I was interested in someone, it took me by surprise and definitely caught me off guard. It was almost like a light bulb went off in my head, letting me know I was capable of developing feelings again. That realization happened almost instantly, they were exciting and felt so freshโ€.

There is no mistaking the whole-hearted sentiment of the song lyrics when the track is positively brimming with an unapologetic sensibility and exudes vulnerability. The chorus particularly, vivid and emotive, outlines Clinton’s intimate style of songwriting. “press your cold lips on my neck, smell the cheap beer on your breath, I don’t know what’s coming next.” On the strength of “Fresh“, I absolutely went for a deep dive into the rest of his song repertoire. It’s all pretty, damn infectious stuff, hook-laden and unashamedly honest. As I like everything loaded up on Clinton John’s Spotify profile. I’ll be watching him closely as he develops. I get the feeling he’s a bona fide pop concern in the making.

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