Keeping an eye on social media has prompted me to write about the Nashville singer-songwriter, Clinton John, today. It was a year ago that I was contacted by his record company. They wrote in, to tell me about his, then, new single release, “Fresh“. It is a release I haven’t forgotten about, because I loved its infectious, upbeat melody and mix of vulnerable lyrics. These are artistic strengths that pique my interest in any new or emerging artist. I made a vow to the EQ readers to keep a close eye on Clinton John. Duly I joined the ranks of Clinton’s social media followers. Where recently, I was delighted to see new music videos starting to appear. Because of, sensing a bigger, sized project might be coming. I’ve held back from posting about them.

On Friday, Clinton John released his “Embarrassing” EP. Guess what?, the hunch I had of waiting before immediately sharing a post has paid off. I remember there was talk about a visual EP in the works. I know now it is not a myth. Checking it out. The “Embarrassing” EP runs the concepts of an audio and visual release. 2020, tracks “Cry, “Cool B4 I Met You“, and “Fresh” (the one I wrote about) all appear on it. Including the title track “Embarrassing.”

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Embarrassment is not a topic I see being explored on pop songs very often, if not ever. I thought it is an unusual and intriguing choice. And wondered why he chose such a vulnerable and exposing theme.

In an interview, Clinton speaks with Popwrapped journalist Rebecca Haslam about the meaning behind “Embarrassing” saying…

“I haven’t heard many songs talking about the embarrassing feelings that come from looking back on things that you’ve done in the past”. Adding further. “I think it’s a very, real feeling that people can relate to, wondering if someone else is embarrassed by dating you”.

(Check out the full interview with Popwrapped HERE)

I can only admit, to have fleetingly pondered about some of the awkward or embarrassing blunders I have made in my life. Although I do recognise that it takes a lot to make a song out of such a vulnerably exposing situation. But this is where Clinton John shares his ace card. On this EP, he makes something truly endearing out of sharing a snapshot of his personal growth experiences. I think it is very cool of him to explore a different slant on the finer psychological workings regarding an intimate relationship on a pop release like this.

Are you a fan of Myylo or JORDY? Both of whom have enjoyed extensive coverage on EQ Music Blog. If your answer is yes… I can guarantee you will really like what Clinton John has to offer. In the way of heart-on-sleeve lyrics. Thoughtful storytelling and an honest pop sound. By all means add the EP to your playlists. What you also must do. Is check out all the visuals spanning the “Embarrassing” EP release on YouTube HERE.

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