Denmark’s Nabiha first cut an impression with a sizeable piece of pop, funk fusion called “Never Played The Bass” some 5 years ago and was slated to be on the hot-tip to shake up Europe with her colour filled if not bombastic, effervescing vibes.

The intended cross-over garnered some noted success although, Nabiha is the kind of artiste who appears constantly to be seeking out ways of reinvention. Sticking to her guns has seen the Dane steadily notch up acclaim for her songwriting skills and in turn all points in Europe have been wizening up to her. Her songs amount to more than 50 worldwide syncs in TV and Film, so Nabiha’s form is nothing to be sniffled at.

Nabiha had it in in her to go all out hip-hop for a while, but since she’s taken up residence as a judge on Denmark’s Got Talent, she’s been inching her way towards embracing something of a more pop sensible styling. And the break Nabiha’s been working up to seems to have at last come into fruition with the release of her new single “Young”.

A self-explanatory title as ever there could be, feel in this instance “Young” is more about where Nabiha is musically these days.

Well let’s put it this way, “Young” is a melodically full bodied effort, but the star of the show is definitely Nabiha’s strong, affirming, pop sensible vocal prowess, that takes wings and flies coming in on-fleek in its newly embraced, soft pop soundscape. By toning it down a touch, we hear much more of these accomplished vocals. It’s more than pleasurable all round, when Nabiha has the confidence to let her greatest asset shine through like this.