Pitiful . Artwork

By Javi Lopez – EQ's resident pop culture blogger

The sexy Carlos Nobrega has premiered his new single "Pitiful" from his upcoming album.

"Pitiful" is loaded with amazing pop beats and will make you want to know more about this upcoming hot new talent. The song is phenominal and we are looking forward to the remixes and a piano version he is working on. 

"Pitiful" was released on September 19th and it's doing alright on the pop charts on iTunes in Spain. Carlos is happy with the attention "Pitiful" is getting and we are told to expect a music video for it, which will be released later in October.

Get to know more about Carlos Nobrega on his official website.

EDIT: Buy the single on iTunes now and enjoy the FULL song below.

Pitiful - Single - Carlos Nóbrega