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EQ Music Blog was launched in 2005 originally as Electroqueer.com: a pop and electronic music blog featuring new and exciting artists written by American born, London living music enthusiast Raj Rudolph. Not satisfied with just the radio-friendly and Top 40 playlists, EQ Music Blog’s mission of discovering relevant and inspiring new talent quickly caught on and since then has emerged as a noted and respected online music tastemaker.

EQ Music Blog has captured a devoted worldwide audience with well over half a million unique visitors in 2014 and has featured hundreds of music interviews with some of pop’s finest including Lady Gaga, Adam Lambert, Hurts, Erasure, Robyn, Scissor Sisters, Imogen Heap, Róisín Muphy, Sam Sparro, Martin Solveig and BT.

In 2008, EQ Music Live was let loose on London’s music scene and was one of the first music blogs that moved from web page to stage. Based in London’s fashionable Shoreditch and Soho areas, EQ Music Live was a key fixture in the calendar for pop music fans and music industry talent-spotters alike who were hungry to see new and exciting talent debut on the stage. EQ Music Live showcased some of the most exciting and on-the-cusp independent pop and electronica artists of the time, some of which have eventually being signed by major labels including; The Good Natured (UK – EMI/Parlophone), Christian Burns (UK – Armada Music), Graffiti6 (UK – Capitol) and Bright Light Bright Light (UK).

Expanding upon their experience in the live area, EQ Music was the first pop music blog to launch their own North American national club tour. The EQ Music Tour featuring Adam Tyler kicked off in August 2011 and made it’s way across the nation hitting 13 major markets.

In 2012, EQ Music launched it’s new Poptronik brand which included the critically-acclaimed “This Beat Is Poptronik compilation albums and launched the Poptronik Festival in Sitges, Spain with headlining artists Andy Bell of Erasure, Fernando Garibay, Cazwell and Monarchy with a plethora of new and emerging electronic pop artists.

Major label or independent, big budget or small, UK to worldwide – all pop and electronic music is up for discussion at EQ Music Blog. At it’s heart, EQ Music Blog is a fun place to discover new music, watch music videos and dig deeper into the lives of the people creating quality electronic pop music, written with a fun and constructive tone, which leaves the blog bitching behind.

You’ve heard the Top 40. Now listen to this…

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Creative Director / Editor

Raj has been a pop music obsessive ever since he heard Madonna's iconic debut album. When he couldn't stop playing "Music For The Masses" by Depeche Mode he instantly knew that electronic pop music would eventually be his life-long passion. Raj is American but has lived in London since 2000. He created the EQ Music and Poptronik brands from the ground up and also freelances in the digital project and video production world for the likes of Google, Huffington Post, Vogue, GQ and WIRED.


New Artists Editor

Mandy has been a massive part of EQ Music ever since it's inception and has been featured in Music Week. She runs EQ Music's social media and regularly discovers new artists and talent to be featured on EQ Music as the New Music Editor. When she's not being a mum, you can usually find Mandy online socializing with musicians and other pop music lovers alike.


US Blogger

Serena is our US eyes and ears in the entertainment capital of the world - Las Vegas. At an early age she caught the pop music bug and fell hard when she received her first album: Michael Jackson’s "Dangerous". In high school, Serena was an avid reader of EQ Music Blog by using it as an escape from typical, Midwestern music. In 2012, inspired by the hopeful messages of pop music; she would fall into the musical journalism realm. Serena joined the EQ Music Blog team in 2015. Her ultimate goal is to give back to pop music for the gifts it gave her. When not hunting down fantastic new artists to be featured on EQ Music, she can be found studying communications at Nevada State College.



Barnaby (or just 'Barns') is a regular contributor to EQ Music Blog. He likes his electropop both light and dark. A bit like chocolate. Hmm, anyone hungry for a Robyn & Dave Gahan Double Decker?


Developer whiz

Dean helps us out with all our site development when we get stuck on things like data migration, getting stuck in a css blackhole and saves our skin when we break the site in general. He also is a massive dog-lover and runs a very popular dog site. That's really the biggest reason why we love him.