Those fiesty remix mavens Bimbo Jones are making a grand entrance after 30 (yes thirty) #1 club remixes for other artists. After that kind of success it’s no surprise that the UK party pimpers release their first album “Harlem 1 Stop”.

The lead single is a gay anthem stomper called “And I Try” and it will have you shaking your booty fo sure. Don’t say I didn’t warn you – I’ve heard it twice already this week. Normally these big electric basslines and screaming diva vocals should be saved for the weekend, but as today is a rather mundane Tuesday, I thought I’d inject a little thumpa thumpa into your daily music cruising.

Those who know more than I are already saying “And I Try” will go to #1 spot on next week’s Billboard Dance Club Play Chart – so prepare your bad self and stock up on Red Bull.