So last night we went on a little download spree on iTunes and purchased some great new electro-tinged tracks that are SO EQ that we had to share them with you.  Summer is approaching and so are these new summer anthems so get ur credit/debit cards ready – it will be the best 5 quid you spend all week.

Elektrons – Dirty Basement : All you need is a dirty basement and a red light to get the party started and we couldn’t agree more.  This Missy E-esque track has lit us on fire and we can’t wait to get our hands on their new album out soon!

Tiesto featuring Christian Burns – In The Dark: Yes, it’s THAT Christian Burns of BBMak (probably the best looking boyband of all-time) fame.  You really can’t get a more perfect combination of talent on this new trance/electro stomper.  We first saw the video last week in Sicily and very rightly so made everyone shut up so we could stare at the TV all googley-eyed.  It’s not often that a music video has that effect on us!

The Chemical Brothers – Do It Again:  You know we used to think of The Chemical Brothers as one of those straight-boy dance music groups, but we have been humbled as of recently with them.  They just seem to "bring it" lately and every track the release goes from strength to strength.  "Bring Your Bubblegum" as this track will "Blow Up Your Cranium". 

Justice – D.A.N.C.E :  Arjan Writes premiered this video a few weeks ago and the song has been growing on us like a fungus.  Well – it’s not really that ewwww…but at first listen it’s a bit odd – but then you quickly realise it’s one of those dance tracks that are loads of fun.  The video is uber-brilliant and you should hop on the Justice dance party express train too!  Just do it.

!!! – Must Be The Moon:  We are loving this little rocksynth stomper from !!!  How the hell do you pronounced their name you ask?  Easy.  It’s ‘Chk Chk Chk’ and you should download ‘Must Be The Moon’ over at iTunes now.

Antigone – Funky Dancers:  Ok not really a new find – we’ve been talking about this song for months but just wanted an excuse to post this live performance again.  Go to now and download ‘Funky Dancers’ by Antigone now.  If you don’t own this track by now – you’re a damn fool.

In other EQ news – how cool is it that Darren Hayes, Dragonette and Unklejam will be headlining this year’s London Pride on Saturday, 30th June.  It might actually be a Pride we are looking forward to this year!  And just for kicks…here is the new Unklejam video again for ‘What Am I Fighting For’ which is also available now for download as of this week as well!