I'm as surprised as you are to be honest – around the same level of shock as to when I liked that Ashlee Simpson song…Nevertheless, here's Jesse's video to "How Do You Sleep" featuring Ludacris.

I make my case by saying this – I literally know nothing about Jesse McCartney other than I'm not supposed to like him.  But rules are made to be broken I guess when it comes to good sparkly pop songs like this one and EQ was never one to obey the rules anyways.  I will admit to owning a few Jonas Brothers and Avril Lavigne records just for shits and giggles – I draw the line at Miley Cyrus though.

Geri however is totally diggin this and won't stop playing the "Spectacular" Soundtrack so you can imagine the cornucopia of tunes that must be spinning around EQ HQ just now.  MaJiKer, Jesse McCartney, Depeche Mode, Frankmusik and Britney – it's all good bitches.