We might have to disagree with you there ‘kittercat‘. 

Bubbles & Cheesecake have recently sparked up some controversy with their debut video to ‘It’s A Woman Thang’ in which you can read all the heated comments over here on YouTube – apparently their video went viral within 24 hours reaching more than 300,000 views!  A press release was issued this morning in which Holly Palmer and Alee Willis from the girl power duo had this to say:

“This was written purely as a pop soul song; not at all political,” says Willis. “It does talk about how sometimes women have trouble standing up for themselves, but it’s really about self-esteem for everyone – about having enough of a sense of yourself to claim what’s right for you.”

Palmer commented, “I was very surprised at the anger out there directed at a couple of people having fun. In a way, it goes right to the heart of what we’re talking about with Bubbles & Cheesecake – everybody has the right to their own voice, no matter what resistance it meets.” Willis added, “It’s no wonder many women are afraid to express themselves, given some of the comments we’ve seen.

“It’s crazy being in the middle of an unintended controversy,” Willis concludes, “but the greatest thing our art can do is spotlight something that’s not working in the culture, and point to things that are more positive. It’s a hard position for us to be in, because all you want to do is make art. But we also feel we must be doing significant work if we’ve hit such a nerve with this song.”

Electroqueer has been championing these lovely ladies since they burst onto the net so make sure you go and check them out on MySpace – they are pretty damn brilliant to say the least.