wk sable ground
The pop world just got a whole lot more interesting thanks to EQ favorite Solomon and the newest artist signed to his SolRay Records brand, the fierce and fabulous blonde, Wilson Knight.

Premiering the official lyric video to his debut single, Stable Ground, right here on EQ, Knight is quickly paving a path to his eventual pop takeover. Featuring an urban contemporary twist and a hip-hop verse from fellow show-stopping labelmate ROB.B, the new single is a smooth retelling of a complicated relationship in one’s life. “All my friends say you’re no good, they don’t understand you’re misunderstood“, Knight sings with controlling vocals in a state of confusion and possible denial.

Said to contain a “90s boy band” sound, Knight may be exceeding his own expectations as he has crafted a real, personal look at a crumbling relationship. Available as of Tuesday, the new song is a much needed breath of fresh air, a creation that differentiates itself from the rest of the typical, somewhat boring, offerings found on the radio airwaves.

Wilson Knight has what it takes to make it in the music industry, a sexy, confident voice, a great management team and the ability to craft an incredibly catchy hook. “Stable Ground” may not be the underlying definition of what people understand to be “pop”, but does it really need to be? The artist took a personal life issue, a story many will be able to relate to, mixed in a 90s urban beat and released a single he should be proud of. Watch the colorful lyric video below and witness talent take flight.