I've written about Val Emmich before and I must say the more I hear from his debut album "Little Daggers" the more I am impressed by this singer/actor double threat.  You can catch Val on the latest season of Ugly Betty playing a character called Jesse who likes to rock out from time to time.  Not a far stretch from his music persona to say the least. 

Val's voice and tunes have a Bllly Idol-esqe quality to it that makes me sit up and say "whoa".  Although it's way more pop rock than I normally listen to, it's very good indeed.  Take a minute to cruise on over to Val's MySpace profile if your curiosity is peaked, but in the meantime, take a look at his new music video for "Get On With It" and there's even a little scene after the jump of Val making Ugly Betty go all a-swoony. Precious.

Buy the "Little Daggers" album here via Val Emmich - Little Daggers