OK – I was excited to hear Chromeo's "Drive Time" because well, it was being touted as the world's "smallest record".  Interesting I thought.  Then I get a VERY EXCLUSIVE limited edition CD of it in the mail.

It's actually numbered 34 out of 40 and has two tracks on it called "Turn Left" and "Follow".  I go to plop it in my computer – only to find out it's a vinyl record that's made to fool you into thinking it's a CD.  FAIL.  

Upon further investigation, I come to find out that this whole "Drive Time" project is a marketing concept they've done with Nokia in which they've created a soundtrack to a sat nav program, which if you're a Nokia customer (let's face it, I haven't owned a Nokia phone since 2003), you can download on their website

The verdict – I can't listen to the music and would I really want to listen to something that's basically just a fancy soundtrack to a sat nav program?  Overall – FAIL.

I love you Chromeo and I applaud you for getting involved in corporate sponsorships and stuff, cuz hey a band's gotta eat and all, but this project is kinda disappointing, at least the way it was sold to the fans.  Perhaps if I was a drove a car, i'd appreciate it more.

This doesn't mean that I don't lub you Chromeo – you still gots a piece of my heart dudes.  I'll let you make it up to me later.