We’ve been going through our favourite music lately and deciding which artists to add to the EQ Royale this month as we’ll be adding 10 brilliant artists to our ever-so-exclusive roster and there is one artist that I have not written enough about and his name is Petros.

You may have seen his video to “Body Glow” in EQTV over the past year when we broke it and it is with a hearty hug that we welcome Petros to the EQ Royale. Why you ask?

  • His song “Utopia” is an electronic gem that I can’t stop listening to. It’s one of those open road electronica fantasias that leave you saying “Wow that’s a great song”.
  • Beauty and brains all rolled into one…Petros is currently attending Harvard University. How do you like them apples!
  • Petros can only go from strength-to-strength, his debut album “V.I.P.” is already available on iTunes and it’s a bloody good listen and a very good electro-pop debut for someone so young. Justin Timberlake could have quite easily recorded this album.
  • Title track “V.I.P.” has so much attitude that you’ll be singing it every time you’re getting ready to go out for a big one.
  • Petros is a Boston boy with a little Greek heritage and what’s not to love about that really?

Discover Petros for yourself here, but to get the full phat electro-pop experience, download “V.I.P.” the album and “Body Glow” single by Petros now from iTunes.