I have been waiting for another Eva Simons single. Ever since I heard her voice in the 2010 Afrojack song “Take Over Control” I have been eagerly waiting for new material. When I heard that Eva teamed up with Doctor P I was worried her voice would be lost behind the noisy dubstep bass. Luckily European producers Vicetone stepped in to save the day with a kick ass dance makeover. The progressive house remix captures Eva’s tone perfectly. It is as if her voice was designed for progressive house music.

Vicetone is a fantastic production team and their best work has been their club remixes for various artists. Their take on “Weapons” by Cazzette combines signature dance floor sounds with progressive build ups that always lead to insane beat drops. Did you think the party was going to end because Swedish House Mafia called it quits? Nope! Your party begins with Vicetone and they are here to stay.