Hey Electroqueer readers – thanks so much for all your comments and emails – we truly appreciate them!  It’s been awhile since we last posted (we blame it on our real job) but we want you to know that we are back again, full force.

So onto business – Here are a load of music recommendations for you that we have been enjoying over the last month.

‘Cosy in the Rocket’ by Psapp
You will recognise this as the theme tune to the hit TV show ‘Greys Anatomy’.  The show has just premiered over here in the UK and we liked it so much that we went out and bought season one on DVD.  Now the theme song has a bit Imogen Heap-ish, which is why we liked it and now we listen to it every morning on our iPod.  Enjoy.

‘Electricity’ by the Cast of Billy Elliot
We totally blame this on the the guy your Electroqueer editor has been seeing lately…who happens to be a musical freak.  Go figure!  Now we aren’t fans of anything that Elton John does, but this song is cute and Billy Elliot’s accent is to die for.

‘Come On Make A Move On Me’ (Mark Knight’s Horns of Rock Remix) by Joey Negro
A huge dancefloor filler in Europe, this song rocks the punani.  The original dance version is really good, but this remix with the guitars and dark beats really gets us going.  Tease me, squeeze me, taste me, chase me…Oh excuse us, we need a moment to ourselves with lyrics like that!

‘Incredible’ (Mark Knight & Martiijn Ten Velden Vocal Mix) by The Shapeshifters 

WE LOVE this remix!  Infact, we recently purchased The Shapeshifters latest album called ‘Sound Advice’ and the whole thing is rather good.  Another Mark Knight remix…we might just have to check out his entire catalog very shortly.

‘Lost In You’ by Shelly Poole
We recently saw Shelly Poole perform her first big gig in London as she was one of the opening acts for Darren Hayes and she was WAY better than highly-hyped Astrid Williamson.  This is Shelly’s first official release and it’s a good one – nice song and beautiful lyrics.  If you can download the single version, it’s slightly re-worked and a little better than the album version.  We downloaded Shelly’s entire album called ‘Hard Time For The Dreamer’ and we really enjoyed it.  We recommended one of Shelly’s songs off of it before called ‘Totally Underwater’ as well which you should check out.

I’m With Stupid’ by The Pet Shop Boys
Yes the Pet Shop Boys are back with this new electro-penned song which supposedly is about George Bush and Tony Blair.  Personally we don’t get it – but we think the song is fucking fantastic and classic PSB.  The video to the song also is hilarious and features Matt Lucas and David Walliams of Little Britain fame.  Hey – we just ran into them last month at the Margaret Cho show in London.

‘Damsel In Distress’ by Idina Menzel
Again – blame the editor’s boy toy, but this song is great.  Idina Menzel is best known as playing the original role of Maureen in ‘Rent’ and has won a Tony for playing the Wicked Witch of the West in the musical ‘Wicked’.  A role, she will again be reprising in London when it opens in September.  You can find ‘Damsel In Distress’ on the ‘Desperate Housewives Soundtrack’!