Electronic cool kid producer Madeon recently gave us a larger-than-life introduction to his upcoming debut album “Adventure”, by way of his Justice sized french electro pumped juggernaut release “Imperium”.

In follow-up to the buzz release, Madeon side-steps a little in detachment from the hard-hitting beats served up on “Imperium” to concentrate upon showcasing his versatility as producer and in range of styles by turning to up-and-coming soul singer / songwriter and producer Kyan for vocal assistance on his newest cut.

In collaboration, the pairing of Madeon and Kyan lay on dance floor filling, funky electro-house jam “You’re On” as the official first focus single.

Set of an addictively arranged deep-house melody “You’re On” forms a complementary support to soul-boy Kyan’s lush vocals, which in turn fashions itself as Madeon’s most pop suited effort to date.

The accompanying futuristic themed visuals on this one are already the source of much speculation of hidden meanings, clues and secret codes owning to Madeon’s famed use of his own devised cryptic alphabet. Being that this promo clip is sub-titled Part 1, don’t expect it to make complete sense or house all the answers, if you’re clever enough or so inclined to set about deciphering it.