Kazaky 1

Ukrainian dance-pop trio Kazaky stepped out of their stereotypical box and had their ‘fun’ moment earlier this year to the tune of their retro throwback release “Milk Choc”, but now the boys return to their signature base of electronic pop and music performance art as they present new single “Your Style”.

Clearly back in their element, Kazaky take command of the dancefloor, precision voguing into view with the slinkiest of moves and stylish attire.

The song delivers a whammy of modern disco substance and by this attribute alone lends the threesome plenty of scope to make body popping love to the camera, of which Kazaky are only too delighted to accommodate.

There is nothing more to “Your Style” than just being a prime cut of glamorous dance-pop vision and the occasional glimpse of ripped abs.

So no complaints are being entertained in thought by us to witness these boys button down and again, fashionably circumnavigate the dancefloor.