While we relish discovering new artists and featuring the latest electronic, pop and indie-pop releases. The 80s are never far from our minds on this blog. Although we have spun passing mentions about pop singer Kim Wilde on this site before. We never have properly celebrated any of her most memorable hits released in our favourite decade in pop. Her most successful chart-toppers during the 80s were “Kids In America” and “You Keep Me Hangin‘ On”, a cover originally recorded by The Supremes in 1966. Kim Wilde’s version of the track came loaded with synths and thudding kick drum. And had quite a hi-NRG feel to it. The song has just received another update from the New York City-based producer and DJ, Martial Simon. Let’s take a look at how Martial has spiced it up.

Martial’s interpretation of the track has the power to bring everybody to the dancefloor. And to keep them, there. He handles this one with care using modern production techniques. Creating tantalizing beats that result in electrifying, upbeat EDM feels. He has also been mindful to include some robotic voices. Although being re-recorded in 1986 by Kim Wilde, it never got the vocoder treatment even though it started to feature on lots of music at the time. It seems like a trick was missed because Martial’s version seamlessly meshes older sounds with the newer. It definitely is getting our seal of approval as being totally nu-retro fresh.

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“I always loved both versions of this song, the original by The Supremes and the 80s remake by Kim Wilde. Both were number 1 Billboard hits! I decided to cover it with a female and male vocal and ended up making an electro-dance duet.” – Martial Simon

The video just dropped for this latest update of the track. And it seems like we are all invited to Martial Simon’s “You Keep Me Hangin’ On“, (revisited) launch night. Boy oh boy. Press play your eyes and ears are in for a treat, we are going to the club…

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