German electronic rock duo Digitalism came fully loaded with some mighty hammering, juggernaut slaying beat presence during their run of debut releases back in the day, However, not quite so equally matched in their subsequent sophomore album “I Love You Dude”.

Ever the resourceful in creating top-draw remixes for their contemporaries and new coming up-starts alike, the duo took the decision to reach out in collaboration with other artists on their most previous EP release of last year.

Sensing a new wealth of opportunity, Digitalism enter into a new phase proper with a re-design of sound to top it off. Nothing could be more of difference we feel, for Digitalism v3 to team up with the indie pop band Youngblood Hawke made up of former members of American pop rock group Iglu & Hartly for instance.

When listening to “Wolves” their newly released track together, it is a move that works in all parties favours and most probably this will go down as the most mainstream that Digitalism themselves have ever crossed over to.

The results bring to fruition a corker of an EDM anthem, with just enough residual hint of the old-skool Digitalism kicking within, but you can’t deny that a choice in Youngblood Hawke to assist is like an ace stroke in the mix.

Also the video on this one is rather nifty in it’s use of simplified fx and really has a positively engaging impact on the eye.

So top job all round, it would appear